Topless Photographer – Dare to be One

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Are you daring enough to be a topless photographer? Well, depending on the state you are in that may or may not be legal, so make sure that you’re doing it in a state where this type of art is legal or you might end up behind bars. True, not all photographers are daring and brave enough to do this type of work. It’s a form of art. It’s practically art appreciation. This type of work needs guts and, most of all, professionalism.

You have to always put into mind that is plainly because of work and you have to know your limits. As trends have definitely changed since the good ole days, nudity has been slowly being accepted by more and more people as a form of art. Thought many people might still not agree with this kind of ideality and acceptance, this is true nowadays. Models, actresses, actors, and now even photographers have decided to join the club and you can invite them to your party bus Sydney if you are in Sydney.


These unconventional photographers have embraced this art and are on the verge of making a name for themselves. Like other conventional photographers, they too have undergone proper training and have developed the skill in order to be officially named as photographers. Being topless, however, is what set them apart. Of course, these individuals are also fully competent of photography as are most of the conventional photographers.

They have studied how to take the best shots in any type of environment and are able to find the best angles for the target, they have read in photography magazines and articles, and some have even taken photography classes. They have the right type of cameras and other tools used for photography. You can be sure that they are well equipped with the right knowledge and the right equipment. And they are ready to take on the world of photography in the most daring way possible. Now, are you looking for the quickest way to find these daring individuals?


As usual, the quickest way to get to them if you are willing to hire their services is probably through the Internet, agencies, or fellow photographers. Surely, fellow photographers know of someone who can provide you services like these. There are the things that you have to remember when hiring fortopless photography. Be pretty sure that when you are doing the shoots, there are no minors around the area. This might be mind-boggling for the little ones. In this modern age, would should always be expecting the unexpected.

Truth be told, people will always find the strangest ways to make careers out of the strangest ideas. Admit it, you weren’t expecting that this type of career would even be thought of or even come out as a career either, did you? But here they are, people taking on the strangest of jobs that no one would had ever expected. They are loud and very proud of what they do. One thing’s for sure, they are a product of art and creativity. They are a product of people’s ingenuity.

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Code of behavior in Strip Clubs

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Many men go to strip clubs. A lot of them drink or arrive there already drunk, and apart from bad words, they think that they deserve more from a dancer than just a striptease. This is one of quite a few things that happen and that are considered as bad behavior in a strip club.

There are few unwritten rules or codes of behavior one should follow in a strip club if he wants good time without security escort on their way out. These tips on codes of conduct come from a number of strippers from a nude strip club.

Don’t try paying for sex from a stripper, you won’t get any. For those services you will have to go somewhere else. Most of the girls that work in clubs as dancers do it for money, earning either for family or college. Or they simply dance because that is a good source of money and they have a lot of free time. Some may agree to sex for money but most of them won’t. You should know what they do and don’t ask for things that they aren’t willing to do. Most private rooms are watched via cameras, and if a customer behaves badly and tries something with a stripper he ends in hands of a few security guys.


Don’t be the creepy guy. Don’t tell weird things to strippers, especially in private rooms. You can end up being escorted out if you freak out a girl to the point she can’t put up with it. Don’t compare her with a women from your life with sick suggestions ,the rest of your session won’t be so relaxed and comfortable.

Take care of your personal hygiene. Wash yourself and put some deodorant before coming to a strip club.  You will notice a dancer reacting to your bad smell and it will reflect on a performance. And you will probably end up ashamed of yourself.

If you want fetish kind of things from a stripper, you will have to pay extra money. Any kind of extra service that does not fall under a normal lap dance but dancer will do, will cost you more money.


Watch what kind of pants you come in. Or better to say contain yourself, don’t end up cumming in your pants, it is embarrassing. And when a dancer notices that or even worse she feels it on her while sitting on you, your fun is definitely over.

You shouldn’t look down on dancers. They are people, doing their work to earn money needed for their own reasons, which are more than often same reasons other people work their “normal” jobs for. Looking down on them and expressing that won’t earn you any points in a strip bar, and you will receive glares from many people. If you are unlucky you will end up bad-mouthing dancers in front of a boyfriend of one, and it can end up quite badly for you.

Don’t give strippers flat out marriage proposals. That is plainly stupid, and none of them will take you seriously any more.

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